Ai Applied announces new client, KPN N.V.

Ai Applied announced today the signing of its newest client, KPN N.V. (AMS: KPN), the largest telecommunications provider in the Netherlands. Ai Applied will provide text analytics services in order to improve and bolster KPN's online voice-of-customer, news presence and general buzz awareness, and support KPN's customer service and marketing efforts.

“We’re very excited about helping KPN better understand the markets and make use of feedback from many online sources,” said Mark Mooij, co-founder of Ai Applied. Our technologies will be used by KPN to create an accurate and real-time awareness from millions of text messages from different sources, which will be used by multiple departments at a company as influential as KPN to serve their customers better in all possible ways. This type of enabling technologies is what we set out to create with Ai Applied, and we're happy that they continue to be applied at scale and with major impact."


About Ai Applied:

Ai Applied provides technologies and services for discovery of valuable insights from textual, social media, web and other data, at any scale, in real-time. These technologies are applied to fields of reputation monitoring, predictive analytics, market research, voice-of-customer interpretation and others. Ai Applied provides services to a diverse range of clients, including large corporates such as GE, KPN and Vodafone, as well as small-and-medium enterprises, startups and semi-public sector. Ai Applied was recently nominated for an Essent Innovation Excellence award.