Ai Applied and CLEVER°FRANKE launch TrendViz


Together with our partner CLEVER°FRANKE, we've launched a Big Data showcase visualizing online news articles and social media in an intuitive way - presenting patterns, relations and tone-of-voice concerning your topics of interest. Using powerful discovery algorithms and processing massive amounts of data in real-time, TrendViz provides a bird’s eye view of what's important around your key interests represented by keywords. A keyword can be any term concerning your brand, organisation, market or any other topic of interest. TrendViz allows you to dig deeper into the data by means of a in an visualization-based data discovery tool offering you real insights into the data.


We've set-up an online demo where we track 22 companies from the pharmaceutical industry for you to see and explore at:

You can login with: 

username: demovisualization
password: trend1nsights

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