Press release: Application turns encrypted messages into story-style text

Press Release

7 February 2014

Amstelveen, The Netherlands


Application turns encrypted messages into story-style text


Dutch company Ai Applied releases Nonopticon, an online encryption application that secures messaging by turning it into inconspicuous story-style media content.


Created in response to contemporary breaches of communication privacy, surveillance and snooping on ordinary citizens, Nonopticon offers an easy way to communicate securely. It is available free of charge on


"Normally, message encryption schemes produce a so called ´digest´, which, when you look at it, is just weird numbers and letters. Although secure, it is also a giveaway that you are communicating sensitive messages in secret if anyone is monitoring you," says Bruno Jakić, co-creator of Nonopticon. “Nonopticon, on the other hand, allows users to turn their secret messages into something that looks like normal text, a story in any language, while encrypting and securing their messages in the background.”


Nonopticon allows users to enter their messages in a browser window, performing encryption locally. Based on the encrypted message digest, a story is generated using a "masking book." Masking books are based on actual digital books, news or other texts, and they create a story from the encrypted message which resembles the original content.


The result is a human-readable story, so the users can hide their encrypted and masked messages in plain sight, on social media, forums, websites, e-mails etc. without raising much suspicion of those who may be watching. Only the intended recipient of the message knows that it is actually a secret message and how to read it.


Future developments include integrating Nonopticon’s approach into already existing products such as e-mail clients, so that it is used by default and without user intervention.




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Dutch company Ai Applied are experts in automatic text analytics. They provide tools which enable actionable insights discovery from text and social media for startups, corporations and research institutions. The company, founded in 2007 is based in Amstelveen, The Netherlands.


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