Cufoma (NL) launches Social Media Analytics and Insights

Powered by and in partnership with Ai Applied, Cufoma launches a platform for Social Media Analytics and Insights for Enterprise.

Providing and integrating a full spectrum solution, Cufoma helps companies better understand their customers and improve their customer satisfaction. Using advanced sentiment analysis techniques, and the integration into both existing and new CRM processes and data, they enable deep and detailed real-time analysis and insights. This results in a pro-active approach to brand and product perception.

For more information (in Dutch!), please read the related press release!


CUFOMA is the trusted advisor for all CRM questions of:

- Companies between 500 and 2500 employees of which their headquarter is located inside the Netherlands and whereby the production has mainly been outsourced outside the Netherlands.
- Companies who operate in industries in which automation of sales, marketing and service processes are hot topics on the agenda because of increasing competition, technical and demographical developments, market conditions and/of legal developments.

They support companies in setting up their CRM strategy, defining CRM business cases, conducting business process analyses, and where applicable connecting these to trending topics like s-CRM (social Media), m-CRM (Mobile) and e-CRM (Cloud).

They translate, implement, optimize and/or manage these business processes and functionalities with solutions from the product suite of SAP and/or